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A modern aesthetic for rural life.

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Barefoot Architecture’s flagship project is an impressive downsized home that offers flexible spaces while catering to the needs of teenage children. With a focus on premium materials and cutting-edge design, this house is an architectural masterpiece.

The rectangular structure was transformed into two mirrored boxes through several design steps, including cutting, filling, and rotating. The result is a house with two distinct wings, each under its own mono-pitched roof that provides high ceilings to the main living areas. The dual-pitched house’s dramatic and classic look is achieved in a sharp and modern way. The point where the two roofs meet has a clerestory window that floods the interior with natural light.

The living and kitchen areas are situated in between both wings, providing privacy to the whole family, with the kids’ bedrooms and the master bedroom on opposite ends. The house features huge openings to the outside patios and decks, a separate TV room that can be converted into a guest bedroom, and a big rumpus room, making it the perfect space for entertaining.

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