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Tawa Road

A contemporary barn house for sustainable living.

Expansive Vistas.
Open entertainment spaces.

This stunning modern barn house was designed to meet the needs of a family of four and their guests. The clients wanted a passive house that provided spacious common areas for gatherings and stunning views of the surrounding rural landscape.

To achieve this, the designers customised the roof structure to create a large, unique living room space. The portal frames became the central architectural feature, combining timber with steel-framed windows to create a modern yet classical atmosphere. The communal areas are perfect for entertaining guests, while the private spaces are completely separate for maximum comfort.

Sustainability was a top priority for the exterior design, which features natural materials that blend seamlessly into the landscape. The combination of stone and timber creates a harmonious and organic aesthetic that complements the surrounding environment. This house offers a perfect blend of modern design, sustainable materials, and breathtaking views, making it an ideal family home.

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