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Rowan Road

A spacious layout for living and entertaining.

A Balance of Spaces.
Highlighting Nature.

The Rowan Road project was designed to achieve a perfect balance between public and private spaces, while highlighting the beauty of nature as a central visual element. The clients desired a spacious and relaxing area that could comfortably host family and friends, with a minimum of two bedrooms and a private family room.

To meet these requirements, a stunning entry hall was proposed to act as an anteroom leading to the main public area of the house. The open plan concept flows seamlessly and is only interrupted by a central staircase, which serves as a stunning focal point and plays a transition role both horizontally and vertically. The large window openings provide a direct connection with the deck and pool located in the back garden, making it ideal for different types of parties and celebrations.

On the first floor, the studio room serves as a transition space that can be used as a family room or converted into a bedroom. The hallway connects this room with the private areas and creates a visual and spatial flow with the main entertainment area on the ground floor. Additionally, a private spare room featuring its own ensuite and lounge is located on the top floor.

The Rowan Road project offers a stunning design that blends seamlessly with the surrounding nature, while also providing a flexible and spacious layout that is perfect for entertaining family and friends.

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